Nudist Activist Gypsy Taub Bares All at Public Hearing

I agree with most of what she is saying, not all, but I really admire her chutspah and tenacity. This video is from public hearings on Supervisor Scott Weiner’s public nudity ban, which has since been passed and reaffirmed by the courts.

In theory, nudity is freeing, and beautiful. However in practice, I admit that I cringe at the sight of these ugly, wrinkly, old guys out there in the Castro pushing the envelope. It seems as if they thrive on the negative attention, and it feels like I am unwittingly being forced to participate in some bizarre, psychological masochist humiliation scenario.

Since the ban has been put in place, have you noticed many of the same old guys out there, with the skimpiest, flimsiest g-strings, their tiny things flopping from side to side in a way that is so obvious it’s like borderline sexual harassment.

I think it would be interesting to sit and talk with some of these gentlemen and find out just where they’re coming from.

Any takers? If you are one of those guys, or are a friend, please do contact me, leave a comment, and or links to some published thoughts on the topic from their perspective?

Sincerely and Thanks,


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