Beautiful People Welcome Center

Looking For Your Pictures?

Thank you so much for posing, btw. Chances are, I was shooting on assignment for, the leading gay news and entertainment web portal! They send me out twice a week to go clubbing, flirt with and take pictures of cute guys. The pictures are posted within a few days in their nightlife section.

Please do contact me, via the comments or private message, or directly via I’ll be happy to send you the links.

My Out Takes Galleries

Since Edge has pg-13 restrictions, a lot of images, often the best, fall into the out takes category.  After two weeks, I am free to post the out takes here at (try site search by event), in my event galleries on Smugmug, and directly to you via e mail, drop box, ftp, or zip file share.

Message me below, or directly at Be sure to mention your name, e-mail, the event and or club, and a brief description. A link to a pic (such as Facebook or instagram) would help, so I know who to look for.

If you really like your pics, I have them available via my Smugmug galleries in prints, t-shirts, coffee mugs, gift boxes, even fridge magnets! They’re quite nice, reasonably priced, and make great gifts for fans, followers, freemiums, friends, and family.

And please don’t hesitate, if you have an event or performance to document, if you need profile pics, head shots, or portraits, I’m at your service.

Ask about my special internet profile pic package!