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Photo of Jim James by Cabure A. BonugliDid you know that I’m available for hire?  With my relaxed, easy to work with charm and quick shooting skills, I have a special ability to capture people and events at their best. Please enjoy browsing my virtual photo galleries, or google search my name: “photojimsf” to get an idea of my style and reach.

I shoot on location with minimal equipment, currently using the amazing Canon Rebel EOS t4i with their speedlite 320, and a flexible bounce card. I tend to take lots and lots of pictures, about three hundred or so on your average, busy, fun, club night. You can expect delivery of your high res jpegs within 24 hours, with minor edits and corrections.


Photojimsf’s Incredible Pay What You Want Offer

Professional photography is expensive. If you booked me for a session with my normal rates, it would cost $250. That’s a lot of money to a lot of people. But I still want to take your pictures and you still need pictures.

I trust you. If you can’t afford the full cost right now, don’t pay it. I’ve had people pay as little as $25 — that’s completely okay. You can use the pictures for any reasonable personal use. I trust you.

Why not just give me what you can and we call it even?

Pay What You Want Booking Request

To take advantage of my “Pay What You Want” photo special, please fill out the form below. All responses will be returned within 24-48 hours.

Here are a few details:
1. Feel free to select any/all the options that you want.
2. Feel free to add any options that aren’t listed by filling out the “details” section.
3. All reasonable offers will be accepted.


*TFP or Trade For Print Arrangements

TFP stands for “trade for print“, or “time for print”. It’s a mutually beneficial agreement between you the model, and me the photographer, where no money is exchanged for our time. For my arrangements, the compensation may come later, from using and/or selling the images. Both of us are granted those options in my agreement contract and model release.