I Can Relate

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You’re Safe Here. Reassuring message posted at the health clinic. #gobamacare #thecastro #aca #resist #liberalsanfrancisco

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New Used Office Chair

from Instagram: http://ift.tt/2dfel8s
New Used Office Chair. I pushed this all the way home, uphill by the way, because I’m too cheap to call a taxi or Uber. Thirty dollars for a $200 chair. From Community Thrift on Valencia near fabulous Clarion Alley (SF, CA).

Feeling Crabby But Go Giants!

Buena Vista Park SF Sunset Joy Walk

imageThe sky was ablaze at sunset a few days ago, and the weather was unusually warm. So I grabbed a Fosters oil can and a doob, and dashed up there on the 37 Corbett bus just in time to catch this lovely pic with my Samsung Galaxy S4.

imageThis is a view towards the East Bay, taken near the top of the park (it’s on a big hill).

imageWhat I found particularly interesting, was that despite the city’s best efforts, there was still heavy cruising, especially after it got dark.

Now, it wasn’t the cruising I remember from the late seventies. Back then it was common to see a dozen or two hot, porn star quality stud muffins not just cruising, but having full on orgies. Clothes hanging on branches, can of Crisco somewhere near and handy. In broad daylight!

No it wasn’t like the good ole daze, but there were about a dozen, middle aged or older, slightly paunchy to downright obese guys out there prowling around like hungry wolves. Not much action, just cruising. I got rejected four or five times, by even the oldest, fattest, ugliest cretin among them. Guess I should head back to Thailand, where there’s a healthy respect for us aged. paunchy. cretins.

But I’m glad to see stuff still goes on.