Love To Be Doing This Right About Now…

Today it got above 90 degrees F in San Francisco, a town where people melt on the sidewalks and call in sick if it gets above 78.

So here’s a fun little flashback, no, splashback to last spring at the Jomtien Complex. It’s an enclave of gay bars and cabarets in the town of Jomtien Beach, Thailand. It’s also during the Thai new year holiday of Songkran, a crazy water festival.

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These GagaOOlala Movie Trailers Look Good

Our number one fan, from Baltimore, Maryland, sent some hot movie trailer/teasers. Their on an exciting new queer streaming service, only available in SE Asia but expanding rapidly. GagaOOlala!

Sopheah Gets Naked Khmer Pride

I love it! If a little rough around the edges, a brave and thought provoking performance. What would Beyonce say?

themanwatchingchannel:We’re extra proud of our latest B-Boy Show…


We’re extra proud of our latest B-Boy Show from Thailand!

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See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil Hairdos. You can buy…

See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil Hairdos. You can buy one of these at the shop a few doors down from our favorite restaurant in Pattaya, Thailand. I think one of the two red headed wigs would go well with a plate of pad thai. #thailife #jomtienpattaya #jimbozfairytalesfromafar #cupofjim (at Or-Ah–Harn-Thai)

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