Cafe Rawn. The Thai version of cafe bonbon, the coffee treat left to the world by the Spanish Conquistadors. Very strong coffee grounds are steeped in hot water, making an espresso strength liquid. Strained and poured over ice with equal amounts of condensed milk, it’s cool coffee bliss for those stifling hot tropical afternoons. Just 20 baht, about sixty cents USD. More in my forthcoming ebook: Dongtan Confidential. #coffee #damngoodcoffee #coffeebliss #thaifood #thailife #jomtienpattaya #ebook #dongtanconfidential

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Jerome Medusa –Happy Easter

I Just Walked Out Of Philz. Omg the attitude. Surly, snooty, the coffee nazis behind the counter scold and treat you like a bad school child if you step up before they’re ready to take your order. At Spike’s, smiling, warm, and welcoming. #whatswrongwithsanfranciso #coffeeshopoffice #damngoodcoffee #thecastro

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St. Anne’s Lace — Facebook Nature Photo Challenge