Evolution Teasers

Here’s a few teaser pics from my out takes gallery, the assignment was “Evolution”, a circuit dance party from producer Timmy Scott, at Beatbox in San Francisco.

Put this music on, and imagine these guys swingin and swayin (just sayin) up on the stage.

Dj Brett Henrichsen was jamming to a jam packed house of house music lovers, giving them fierce mix-mashes of housed up pop covers.

This is the sinsational Ron Williams.

Ron is a popular go go dancer at most of the larger gay dance venues in town.

The hunk on the right, Justin Quimson, also dances at GameboiSF, another Timmy Scott production.

GameboiSF will be moving to a new venue soon, so be sure not to miss the grand finale at Mist Ultra Lounge on Saturday, March 30 (2013).

Johathan Lay (l), with Jason Urso (r), performed back up for Suzan Revah’s racy leather S&M version of the club hit “Titanium”.

Dez Kwok, from the GameboiSF crew.

Now that we’re near the end of my post, here’s a gratuitous tail end shot.

Click on any of the pictures, or the link below to see more (lots more) swingin and swayin from Ron Williams, the other go gos, flaggers, Suzan Revah and her leather boys, Bebe Sweetbriar, and tons of gay club celebs and sexy hot men.

Evolution @ BeatBox Dec 15 2012 (212 photos)

The original assignment was for EdgeSanFrancisco.com, the leading gay news and entertainment web portal! Click here to see it.

This Saturday, March 30, 2013, Evolution and GameboiSF are the same night! The two venues, Beatbox, and Mist Ultra Lounge, are right next door to each other on 11th St. near Folsom in San Francisco. Arrive early and/or sign up in advance for reduced cover and 2 for 1 drinks. Why not hit both? — pjsf

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