Trolling The Castro :: Thursday Report 4-18-13

Gym Class @ Hi-Tops Every Thursday

Ethan Elliot and John ? were the whiskey shot boys at “Gym Class”. Free whiskey shots poured by hot studs like these, in nothing but socks and jocks. Thursdays at Hi-Tops, the new sports bar in the castro.4-18-13 Pan Dulce sd4000is 004

I was on my way to a photo assignment at Pan Dulce just up the road, but I had seen on facebook that these two would be tonight’s celbrity whiskey boys. 4-18-13 Pan Dulce sd4000is 003

So I just had to pop in and see if I could grab a, umm, shot or two or three to share with you, my devoted followers.

4-18-13 Pan Dulce sd4000is 002

I spotted Joshua J. Cook in the house. I’ve had tons of fun at his events, especially Mahogany Mondays, and Sausage Fest.

Have you noticed all of the construction projects all along Market Street these days? Just right across the street from Hi-Tops, on the corner next to Beck’s Motor Lodge, I spotted this mural at one of these projects.

4-18-13 Pan Dulce t4i 374

Hmmm, what is the meaning of this? A fat old guy in a g-string, is that a bulge I see there? Are those birkenstocks on his feet? A grandaddy cupid with the wings, and bow and arrow poised. “Kold Hearted Youth” is the title.  This guy reminds me of some of the old naked guys at Jane Warner Plaza. They have to cover it up now. But just barely…

4-18-13 Pan Dulce t4i 382

This looks like a sleeping ghost. Or a smoking ghost.

4-18-13 Pan Dulce t4i 387

I’m wondering how long this gas station will last, they seem to be disappearing, replaced by these big developments. Notice the other relic, the telephone booth. This must be the only one for miles, it’s at Castro and Market.

4-18-13 Pan Dulce t4i 351

Thanks for indulging me on my photo adventure, please do stay tuned for the feature album from my assignent at Pan Dulce. It will be in the nightlife section of — pjsf

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