Chaos @ Beatbox 3-2-13

A great club for serious dance music lovers is DJ Tristan Jaxx’s monthly romp and stomp at Beatbox: “CHAOS”.  Internationally famous himself, Tris features popular circuit party dj’s from around the globe.

I’m super excited to be shooting again at Chaos this Saturday, July 6 2013. The featured DJ is Bryan Reyes from Twist in Miami Beach. He’s been playing for over 20 years, with long stints at Boom and The Manor in Fort Lauderdale, and many balls, festivals, and circuit events including a legendary set at Real Bad 2011.

Here’s Tristan with his partner and resident go go Cavin Knight.

Guest go go T.J. Hawke.

Featured guest DJ Big Kid is from Singapore and has an international superstar following.


I love the way he takes this dense pop song apart and pieces it back together into a much lighter and clearer big house remix.

I wonder if he caught me in his video, me snapping a picture of him?

The venue is Beatbox, a former car repair shop turned state of the art dance club. It boasts a huge wooden dance floor, laser lights, a mezzanine, and an oversized bar. And tons of hot, shirtless, muscly, frisky, guys. I caught a half a ton of them with my camera, as you can see. Click on any of the pictures to see my gallery of shirtless friskiness from the event.

A little more of guest go go and adult video entertainment star T.J. Hawke.

Fellow club scene photographer David Wong (center left) and pals.

Here’s Tristan with his dear friend and business partner, producer Merredith Lloyd.

I was lucky to catch a snap of Andy Cross as he was leaving CHAOS. Doesn’t he look happy? He had just won the Mr. S.F. Leather title earlier that evening. Since then, he went to Chicago to represent the Powerhouse Bar and San Francisco, winning the title of International Mr. Leather.

Come to think of it, I was there when it all began for Andy. Would you like to see more, much, much more, of this delicious morsel?  If you have a moment, or an hour, why not browse my post: “More Andy Cross”, for story and pics of his win at the Mr. Powerhouse Leather contest. The first step in his long and glorious march to victory in Chicago.

Why did I throw this picture in? Because I just love my picture taking assignments at Chaos. The music is always fantastic. I have a great time flirting with the cute guys, and Tris, Calvin, and Merredith are so nice to me.

Besides, this is on my way home from Chaos. It’s right next to the All Star Cafe at Van Ness and Market, my favorite late night Chinese donut and sandwich shop. The fried egg sandwich and the BLT on wheat are my favorites, and cheap, cheap, cheap!

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