Celibate Monkey God of Bodybuilders

Hanuman Chalisa

So I’m editing my photo assignment from last night’s CHAOS at Beatbox, a monthly circuit romp and stomp full of hot, muscly, shirtless, frisky guys. Sounds like a grueling chore, huh?

I have my youtube watch later list on in the background, and this snappy tune catches my attention.

It’s a devotional hymn to Hanuman, one of the most popular Hindu deities.  He is a monkey like humanoid, with superhuman strength, agility, courage, wisdom, knowledge, hope, and devotion.

What intrigues me most about Hanuman, is that he is celibate, AND worshipped by bodybuilders:

“Hanuman remained a Brahmachaari throughout his life, an unmarried, celibate god. He is especially popular with body-builders, who believe that like him, one need to be celibate in order to have a strong body. Hanuman always treated women in the form of Mother and Sister. There are many incidences in the great epic Ramayana where this fact is proved.” — IloveIndia.com

I wonder how many muscle queens at CHAOS are celibate? The pics will be up any minute now on EdgeSanFrancisco.com‘s nightlife section.

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