3 A.M. Muni Melodrama :: Shenpa Spiritual Training

Watch Me Lose It

Watch as this divine supreme teacher is sent to help me zero in on my “Shenpa”. Bull’s eye, this time. Normally, I’m a chill, content, charming, happy go lucky kind of guy. But every now and then, even I, sweet little ole me, am tested to the point of losing my cool.

What led up to this?

For ten minutes this skanky, cracked-out, possibly homeless, nothing left to lose kind of drag queen had been propositioning, panhandling, then mocking, and harassing just about every person waiting at the bus stop on the way home from the Castro Friday night.

She gets on without paying, and proceeds to annoy anyone near her. I go sit in the back as far away as I can get, behind a 30’s ish couple of European tourists who are OBLIVIOUSLY having a two way video chat via their smartphones with friends from the homeland. They did not speak fluent English.

When is somebody going to check this bitch?

The monstress with the snake hair assumes they’re taping HER and her annoying rants, so she threatens to snatch their phone and slap them upside they haed. They have no idea what she’s saying, but they’re starting to figure out something’s wrong. Wow, I’m thinking, when is somebody going to check this bitch? That’s when I whip out my cheap ass $50 Getto PCS smartphone and start taping this tawdry yet instructional reality TV mini-sode.


Right after, as soon as I get home, I google my favorite Buddhist guru, Pema Chodren, and find this enlightening video. It helped me calm down, digest, and understand what just happened.

Buddhists claim that “a spiritual friend is someone who’s job it is to insult you”. This helps you get to know just what sets you off, shuts you down, or gets you hooked. So I’m just oh so grateful to have met my new spiritual friend, who taught me that I really have issues with loud mouthed skanky bitches who just won’t shut up.

I’m looking forward to watching this video over and over and over (ha!), getting to know my Shenpa, and think about ways I could introduce more compassion in similar circumstances down the rocky OR the yellow brick road called life.

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