Peaches Christ Birthday Pics Coming Soon

I had so much fun at my photo adventure at Peaches Christ’s 40th birthday party at Rebel in SF, CA. I’m spending this afternoon poring over each and every scrumptious picture, editing from hundreds of juicy morsels of eye candy and cake. The final edit will be up in a few days in the nightlife section of, the leading gay news and entertainment web portal! In two weeks, the outtakes will be released right here at Please subscribe by adding your email address below to receive updates on this and all of my photo adventures!

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In The Meantime

Meanwhile, here’s a few of my favorites from the Peaches’ Oscar Party at the Midnight Sun earlier this year. Click on any of these teaser pics to see my full gallery of 158 outtakes from the event.

See The Original

Here’s a link to the original assignment in the nightlife section on the Edge Media Network:

Peaches Christ Oscar Party @ Midnight Sun

by photojimsf | Nightlife | Sunday Feb 24, 2013 — Cult film legend Peaches Christ joined celebrity commentators Hugz Bunny and Lady Bear to entertain a jam packed house full of Oscar fans. Their coarse running banter was delightfully offensive. Our EDGE paparazzo was on the scene, here are the pics!

Here’s a video clip from GardenTV California via YouTube:

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