Jan Bears In The Dark Pics Coming

House Party host and EdgeSF go go Mohammad Vahidy, right, with furry friends.

Where’s the January BITD Pics?

Everyone was super friendly at the Jan 10th Bears In The Dark underwear party. I’m still combing through the fur for just the right ones for my EdgeSanFrancisco.com assignment, they’ll be up soon in their nightlife section. In two weeks, the outtakes will be released right here on Photojimsf.com.

Wilma Goodyear is the box office sweetheart.

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Meanwhile, here’s a few choice tidbits for you hungry bear lovers from the July 2013 Bears In The Dark. Click on the pictures to browse my gallery of 111 outtakes from the fuzz fest.

Go go bear Paul, left, with dj Brian Maier. Be sure to catch Brian this January 31 at WUF, also at Beatbox.

Los Angeles dj hunk Luke Allen.

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See The Original

Here’s the original assignment as it appears in the nightlife section of EdgeSanFrancisco.com:

Bears In The Dark @ Beatbox :: July 12, 2013

by photojimsf | Nightlife |  DJ hunks Luke Allen and Brian Maier entertained a dark den of frisky dancing bears with a dreamy night of trance and house music. Go-go bears Kyle and Paul were shaking up the honey trees at the popular underwear dance party.

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