On The Way Home From Evolution


BLT Everything Whole Wheat Small Coffee Please

The All Star Cafe at sketchy Van Ness Ave and Market is my standby breakfast joint for after club shooting. Family run Chinese , these people take all kinds of guff from all kinds of kooks, nuts, fruits, drunks, junkies, bums and homeless like ninjas, skillfully deflecting negative energy and serving up nourishment 24 hours a day.

Timmy Scott’s Evolution Is THE Party

Promoter Timmy Scott at the August 2013 Evolution

Evolution was off the hook! Beatbox was jam packed from the moment I arrived around midnight, until the time I left, around 2:30 a.m.  Looks like it will be packed until its over, like, 4am? Dj Chris B got us all warmed up for the headliner: LA dj Dave Aude, mkaaaaaaaye?

The south of Market club was full of touchy feely shirtless fitness/gym queen types. Some of them just couldn’t keep their hands off of me! I tell you this job can be TORTURE some times.

Go go dancer Jose Vallejos at the December, 2013 Evolution

And then there’s the go go boys. The adorable Jose Vallejos was wearing a tiny, sheer, nothing.

Go go dancer Ron Williams at the December 2013 Evolution

JCMJ&J* Ron Williams! We are so grateful here at pjsf that this fine, strapping young gentleman is so kind and generous, sharing his gorgeous self with my camera lens and all of  you, our discerning visitors.

Two more muscly go go Gods I have not yet learned their names, I think one might be str8? Just sayin, hek my boyfriend is straight…

Where To Find Tonight’s Pics

Pictures from tonight’s Evolution at Beatbox will be up in a few days in the nightlife section of EdgeSanFrancisco.com.

Two weeks after that, the out takes will be posted right here in the event galleries of my website.

The fastest way is to send me an e mail, I’ll make sure you get them:

Email Me



JCMJ&J stands for Jesus, Christ, Mary Jane, and Joseph, fyi.

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