Too Good To Be True. Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You. The…

Too Good To Be True. Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You. The Frankie Valli gold record came out in 1967, when the Americans were bombing the crap out of Vietnam. But now the kids in Hanoi are going nuts over it! Does this mean that we’re forgiven?

I couldn’t take my eyes off the two young men that were walking arm-in-arm. So I had to hit the record button, follow, and see where they took me. And what a lovely surprise it was.

This was during the mid Fall Festival, and the streets in the Old Quarter of Hanoi were filled with beautiful, young, happy people. It’s one of those moments that I live and die for, and why I love to travel.

My favorite version of the song is the Vicky Carr cover. They play it in all the beer and karaoke joints in Thailand as well.

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