Gay Kid Does Over The Top Broadway Show Tunes — Mom Keeps A Straight Face

Bonus: Dorothy and Toto about 3 minutes in.

These GagaOOlala Movie Trailers Look Good

Our number one fan, from Baltimore, Maryland, sent some hot movie trailer/teasers. Their on an exciting new queer streaming service, only available in SE Asia but expanding rapidly. GagaOOlala!

I never expected to be around this long. Pure luck. I’m…

I never expected to be around this long. Pure luck. I’m proud to be a contributing photographer on this intense, difinitive documentary of the “AIDS years”.
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What’s All The Phuss About Phil’z?  Is it really worth…

What’s All The Phuss About Phil’z? 

Is it really worth waiting in long lines of insufferable millennials, not once, but three times?

The first line is for waiting, not at the counter, but just for the privilege to step up to the counter, and place your order. Don’t even think about approaching until the barrister channeling the elementary school principal gives you permission!

The second line, not as long and moving a bit faster, is for the privilege to pay at the cash register. Why can’t they just eliminate the first line, and take your order and your money in one transaction? Too simple I guess.

Then you wait. And wait. Boorish tech-bros loudly brag about ramping up their latest bootstrap disruptor platform. Or the rock-star pitch they gave for the most awesome crowd-sourced start-up ever.

Finally, the coffee nazi behind the counter yells not your name, but the name of the coffee drink you ordered. “Small Philharmonic extra creamy double Splenda!” Hmmmm, is that mine? Or did someone else order the same drink?

It made me late for class. My, umm, typing and MS Office skills class. But was it worth the investment (gasp, gulp, $4.50 with tax and tip)?

A. Yessssssss. It’s the best coffee on the planet, IMHO. I will spend my last dollar, and suffer through the Phil’z experience, just for a cup of that liquid gold.
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Footprint Cocktail Chatter With Re-re And Caroline!

Footprint Cocktail Chatter With Re-re And Caroline!

What’s your ecological footprint?
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