On Earth I Was Briefly Gorgeous

Yes that’s yours truly trying to be, avant-garde, creative, cosmic, or truth be told who knows what?

This is from way back in 1979. My rent was $105 a month. Myself and everybody I knew was on unemployment, and had plenty of time to do stuff like this.

I found that shiny plastic slinky toy thing around my neck at that old thrift store downtown. It was an old brick building that would have crumbled in the 89 quake. It was razed long ago to make way for that rolled up newspaper looking hi-rise at the base of California and market.

My dear friend Rick Maverick, who was a theater queen, cut the designs in my head and helped with my makeup. I must have been about 20 at the time, and wanted to be David Bowie.

Two of the most powerful voices on stage together. What an…

Two of the most powerful voices on stage together. What an amazing screamfest!

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I Just Walked Out Of Philz. Omg the attitude. Surly, snooty, the coffee nazis behind the counter scold and treat you like a bad school child if you step up before they’re ready to take your order. At Spike’s, smiling, warm, and welcoming. #whatswrongwithsanfranciso #coffeeshopoffice #damngoodcoffee #thecastro

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