Pics From House Party Up Soon

But Where’s The Most Recent House Party Pics?

I had so much fun at my photo adventure at the Jan. 3, 2013 House Party at the Powerhouse in SF, CA. In addition to the usual horseplay, it was Folsom Street Fair director Demitri Moshayanis’ bachelor party!

I’m spending this afternoon poring over each and every scrumptious picture, editing from hundreds of juicy morsels of eye candy. The final edit will be up in a few days in the nightlife section of, the leading gay news and entertainment web portal! In two weeks, the outtakes will be released right here at Please subscribe by adding your email address below to receive updates on this and all of my photo adventures!

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In The Meantime

Meanwhile, here’s a few of my favorites from the April 5, 2013 House Party. Click on any of these teaser pics to see my full gallery of 185 outtakes from the event.

Josh Carmichael at the door.

Party animal Ky Martinez, left, is the promoter/producer of House Party and many other club and circuit events in SF.

Jonathan Lay, left. A busy and popular clubster who occasionally bartends, go go dances, and participates on stage in contests and performances.

Whoa! Yeah. Go go dancer Ricardo Ortiz. He broke our hearts when he moved recently to sunny South Beach, Florida. We hope you come back and visit often and soon Ricky!

See The Original

Here’s a link to the original assignment in the nightlife section on the Edge Media Network:

House Party @ Powerhouse

by photojimsf | Nightlife | Friday Apr 5, 2013

A sexy crowd enjoyed sudsy rounds of strip beer pong and full volume house party music from DJ Guy Ruben. Promoter Ky Martinez hosts this monthly leather couch and shag carpet affair. A buff and tattooed gogo Ricardo Ortiz made guests feel at home.

Mohammad Vahidy on the right, co-host of House Party. He also go go dances regularly at the Edge Bar SF, and the SF Eagle, among other venues.

Go go dancer Ryan Reese, resident House Party dj Guy Ruben, and clubster Jonathan Lay. They’re so hot they’re red hot!

Go go god Ryan Reese werking it out.

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Powerhouse Underwear Party and Contest

Update Update!

The outrageous Grace Towers has assumed the master of ceremonies duty at the Powerhouse SF’s weekly underwear expose, with a midnight $100 wet jockey short contest. It’s now called “Bulge”. I’ve been a number of times, it’s more fun than ten barrels of monkeys. Here’s the link for more info.

Grace Towers, a vision in blue, seen here in action cavorting with adult entertainer go go Eric Osborn

Here’s 2015 Bare Chest Calendar man LaGuan Lea Jr. He won the contest at the Jan 23, 2014 “Bulge” event. Here’s a hot hot hot link to his calendar cover pic.

It’s a dirty job, but somebody’s got to do it. May as well be Grace Towers, one of the busiest show girls in town.

#tbt Wet Jockey Contest

(Original posting from August, 2012)

What could be more fun than a bunch of gay men in underwear with squirt bottles at a wet jockey contest? Find out every Thursday night at the Powerhouse, a sleazy leather dive in San Francisco’s South of Market district.

Btw, digital downloads, prints, and more photo souvenirs and gifts of this event and many others available in the Event Galleries at Photojimsf’s Gift Shop.

Here’s my titillating YouTube experiment, a twenty five or so image slide show from the event, set to a snappy soundtrack from the YouTube audio exchange.

The contest ended in a tie between this big muscly hunk of Black man, R.C. Jenkins, and leatherman Chris Humphries, being man handled in the left background.

Here’s Beth Bicoastal! She’s inspecting the goods of go-go dancer and S&M pin cushion Phoenix Sun.

The heat is turned up to encourage cutie pies like this one to check in their clothes.

leather man Spike Pierce manned the coat check. I heard he passed away a few years ago, not long after this event.

La Monistat is a regular at the Powerhouse, and performs there occasionally.

Well we’ve reached the tail end of my post. These pictures are from the Powerhouse Underwear Party of 8-9-12. Click on any of them to see more of the squirting, flirting, boozing, cruising, and bamboozlings from the evening in my Event Gallery.

Check the Powerhouse SF website for the latest updates on Contests and Events.

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Bonus Pic

What blog post would be complete without a gratuitous pic of adora-go go Mohammad Vahidy? Here he is at Bulge in Jan 2014.

More Mohammad here and here.



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