Chasing The Winter Blues With Picasa

DSC03697 Moi Alamo adj duo comic wm

More Time To Futz

It’s been so cold the last few days, I’ve spent a lot of time indoors futzing on the computer. Yesterday, I learned the difference between files and libraries in Windows 7! And between sorting and grouping. This has major implications on my massive digital photo archive.

Dreary Me

While distracting myself from sorting and grouping, I also learned a few new tricks in Picasa, the free photo editing and organizing program from Google. Just for the fun of it, I transformed an otherwise dreary photo into an eye catching masterpiece of color, expression, and mood. It’s of myself, btw.

This particular piece de resistance was created using the duotone feature, and the comic book feature in editing tools. It’s titled “Self Portrait In Winter Blues”.

More Warmth Coming

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