This guy was the coconut guy on the beach at Manuel Antonio down in sunny Costa Rica.  He had a scruffy face and beard, with the eyes of Jesus.  I would see him sleeping and lounging on the beach, always shirtless, always showing butt crack.  What a juicy specimen.

A lot of good looking guys were showing butt crack on the beaches.  

One day as I was walking past, he made a squirrely animal noise at me.  I smiled, but he looked away and began to mumble like some crazy nut case.  I noticed he had a big machete in a holster hanging off his waste, so I decided to not stop and flirt.  How frightening, I thought, while maintaining a calm front.  Suddenly he jumped up and dashed past me, and right up a coconut palm tree.  And I dashed down the beach in the opposite direction.

The next day I was enjoying an ice cold fresh coconut, at my favorite stand where they poke a straw in after hacking one open for you with a big machete.  It looked just like the one my squirrelly nut case pal had the day before.  And then I saw him, sitting on a pile of coconuts off to the side, looking possessed.  Oh great I’m thinking, when he breaks character and starts laughing and pointing at me and joking with the vendor in Spanish, who apparently pays him to cut down the coconuts, and scare the tourists.

I managed to catch the tail end of him on my last day.  

Taken in July of 2007.

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