**SPECIAL GUEST: PAUL GOODYEAR http://facebook.com/DJPaulGoodyear | http://www.paulgoodyear.com | http://soundcloud.com/paul-goodyear
Originally from Sydney Australia, now based in San Francisco, DJ Paul Goodyear has been headlining the world’s highest-profile clubs and parties for over 25 years including regular appearances at Sydney’s annual Mardi Gras. A DJ since 1985 he is a veteran of spinning to crowds ranging from intimate club dates to stadiums filled with people. Paul realized that he was going to be a DJ forever when playing regularly to crowds in excess of 5000 party goers during Australia’s Summer of Love in 1988. He had found his passion and he hasn’t stopped making us dance ever since. His DJ travel schedule includes countries all over the world: USA, Australia, London, Amsterdam, Rio de Janeiro, Barcelona, Singapore, Hong Kong, Bali, Mexico, Kuala Lumpur, Italy, Beijing, Canada, New Zealand and Madrid. There is no greater musical innovator than Paul Goodyear.

The Bay Area Reporter has called Paul Goodyear a “world-renowned mix master”; Dance Music Authority Magazine a “Disco dignitary” and Gay News Network labelled him a “DJ Sensation”. He not only entertains audiences, he inspires them.

He is a much-loved Go BANG! Disco Sister and AMAZING Disco DJ! He will take you on a dancefloor journey and sweep you off you’re feet! We can’t wait to have you dance to him!

1. They only come out at night = Peter Brown
2. I got my mind made up = Instant Funk = Alex Neri remix
3. I’m ready = Kano (Paul Goodyear re-edit)
4. Supernature = Cerrone
5. Remember = Gino Soccio (Paul Goodyear re-edit)
6. Ain’t that enough for you = Monster Orchestra
7. It’s for you = Munich Machine (Paul Goodyear re-edit)
8. Our love = Donna Summer
9. Earth can be just like heaven = Two Tons of fun (Paul Goodyear re-edit)
10. Lovin’ is really my game = Brainstorm = DJ Dimitri mix
11. Cruisn’ the streets = The Boystown Gang
12. You should be dancin’ = The Bee Gee’s
13. Walk the night = The Skatt Brothers Disconet (PG fix up)
14. Put your body in it = Stephanie Mills (Paul Goodyear re-edit)
15. Spank = Jimmy Bo Horne
16. Sweet Dynamite = Claudja Barry
17. It looks like love = Goody Goody (Sleazy Mc Queen edit)
18. Sure Shot = Tracy Weber (Paul Goodyear re-edit)
19. Don’t leave me this way = Thelma Houston
20. The Glow of love = Change feat Luther Vandross

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