Photojimsf Weighs In On SF Public Nudity


7-20-12 Pan Dulce 226 Rusty Mills wm



Rusty Mills, one of the controversial naked guys in the Castro.

This pic was taken around 1am after one of my photo assignments, “Bootie Call” at the Q Bar, I think. About six months before the current cock ring controversy. He was very cordial and was happy to let me snap a few pics. After chit chatting a while, I caught myself rubbing his shoulders and trying to get all touchy and feely. Ok I was a bit tipzy, but I hope I look as good when I’m 67!

All this talk of nudity bans, cock rings, erections, and crossing sexual boundaries in public seems rather tame compared to how it was when I first landed in San Francisco.

Back in 1979, it was common to see men having public sex in broad daylight on doorsteps, in service entries, and  in alleyways. The entire Castro was a cruising ground, with the sidewalks near 18th and Castro being the central meat market, especially as last call approached.

The parks were sex playgrounds, especially Buena Vista, where I once came across a group of men having a fisting pic-nic.  Yes, there they were, pounding away on their blanket, can of Crisco setting there along with the sex toys, wine and cheese.

Why, I recall one particularly notorious establishment where the boys would shake their naked asses from the upper balcony for all passersby to see, Donna Summer music blaring. This at 7am on Sunday mornings! The booze was “officially” cut off at last call, but the partying, sex and drugs kept rocking and rolling from Friday afternoon to Monday morning.

Back then everyone looked like a 70’s porn star, with a mustache and a cute Dorothy Hamill haircut. Perhaps these are some of the same guys, but haven’t grown up yet?

(continued next post…)

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