Public Nudity Ban Hearing in SF


10-7-12 Castrofair 2186 Naked in Castro



Video link: Public Nudity Ban Hearing 11-5-12

While the rest of the nation was focused on the presidential election, San Franciscans were dealing with important, real issues like this one, lol.

Supervisor Scott, umm, WIENER!!!, and two other board committee members are confronted by nude, queer, and anti-corporate activists on one side; concerned moms, business owners, and neighborhood watch groups on the other.

At issue is a proposed public nudity ban. Prompted by complaints that public nudity has gotten out of hand in the Castro, particularly at Jane Warner Plaza. I’m against the ban, but not strongly since you won’t catch me out in public naked.

My favorite moments in this video are when activist Tommi Avicolli Mecca delivers a blistering attack against the “offended” prudes. He finishes by reminding Wiener, who is gay, that his predecessor Supervisor Bevan Dufty, also gay, had no problem with his own daughter seeing naked guys in his district.

And when nude activist and adult entertainer Gypsy Taub rips her dress off in the middle of her testimony. Pandemonium ensues, and she is hustled out by the police.

The video is made available to the public via the San Francisco board of supervisor’s website:

Public Nudity Ban Hearing 11-5-12

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