One of my favorite SF dj’s, His music is mellow yet energetic at the same time. He will be playing this Friday night at the “NSFW” underwear party at Truck Bar, link below —photojimsf

DJ Brian Maier is on FaceBook, Twitter

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Podcast downloads available

Just returned from a private party I had the joy of DJing, and listening to the results spurred some more podcast goodness! Here you’ll find a 116BPM gem, replete with many new tunes I’ve been listening to over the past few weeks.

The party was a birthday celebration for Juan Carlos Fernandez, Paul Carey’s partner and a dear friend. I’ve known these two for years, and their loving, caring, supportive energy has always been a tremendous source of strength. I was honored to get the chance to be a part of this past weekend’s festivities, and I wanted a way to be able to relive those moments again and again. Here’s a mix to commemorate!

Let me know what you think at dj brian maier at gmail dot com, and if you’re in SF checkout the ROCKET party this May 26th at Rickshaw Stop!!

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