Last Call at the Powerhouse

Last night I dipped into the Powerhouse for last call, and my pal dj Guy Ruben was working the beats from this “NR& — Enemy” snippet, it’s hot but Guy really worked it into sick frenzy.


Here’s Guy with another pal, leather princess and accomplished boot black Luna SF.

2-8-13 #HOMO 055 Guy and Luna

And who’s this happy side kick? Perhaps a dear friend of Luna’s? Why, it’s Missy Bootlover!

2-8-13 #HOMO 056 Guy and Luna phouse adj sf v wm

There’s something happening every night at the Powerhouse, last night was Lance Holman’s monthly fun raiser and trouble making event: “Lick It!”

But if I can’t come early to catch the bondage demos, slutty go go’s, wet underwear contests, etc., at least I make it for last call, where I can slide ride in, grab a Sierra Pale Ale, say hi to all my friends, and head out to the back for a puff and a blow. By this time, the action has gotten seriously make it or break it.

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