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This piece describes me to a T! Yes ladies and gentlemen I was born during a Mercury retrograde, as are one in every four or five human beings on this planet. Were you? Read on and see if this is you too:

by Jan Spiller


When a person is born with Mercury Retrograde, it indicates that in past lives there was a discrepancy between the words the native was speaking, and what they truly thought on their own.

It may have been that in order to empower another, their own ideas were submerged, or they may have been in a position where it was expected of them to cite the “party line” rather than speak their own truth.

In this way they invalidated their ideas and their own truth, and came into this incarnation feeling “out of touch” with what they really think. Thus it takes them longer to consciously know where they stand.

In this incarnation their challenge is to reconnect with the authenticity of their own ideas and decisions based on their own inner knowing and personal perceptions of situations.


In conversations with others, oftentimes Mercury Retrograde People feel very frustrated. They feel they can’t communicate their ideas as clearly and adeptly as others seem to. This is not true, it is simply that they have higher standards for communication than others.

Others speak with certainty when they are only considering their mind, whereas Mercury retrograde people can only speak with that level of confidence when they come to a decision with their entire being. It takes longer. It’s an artistic process. They only feel frustrated when they are seeking to communicate from a greater level of depth and authenticity than the people around them.

Others do NOT perceive them as “inarticulate”- although they may perceive themselves that way. Thus, it’s fine for them to share ideas that occur to them at the time, without having to be right about it or being attached to the idea.

If they are not sure of where they stand, it behooves them to go off by themselves and get touch with what they actually think, before reentering and responding to the situation. We are individuals, and for Mercury Retrograde People to become clear about where they stand, it takes them more time because they are taking all of themselves (not just the mind) into account.

In this lifetime, they are not allowed to speak superficially. To feel “straight” with themselves, they must communicate fully, from the authenticity of their entire being. Naturally, it takes time for them to get in touch with this level of authenticity.


Mercury Retrograde People may take longer than others to learn a new subject. This is because others simply absorb the new information, and regurgitate it directly.

Mercury Retrograde People want to more thoroughly understand the information, they want to really imbibe it and take it into their being to assimilate it and see how they really feel about it. It’s a deeper form of learning- a subjective form.

But once they have imbibed the information, they know it more deeply than others. Then when they speak from what they have learned, the depth of truth in their message shines forth and others listen.

They are seeking to sort out the information according to their own standards, rather than fall into the past life trap of simply accepting and going along with the ideas of others.


Mercury Retrograde People are better off not pressing themselves to make “instant decisions”, but rather to give themselves time to pull back from situations, get in touch with their feelings as well as their ideas, and then reenter with their stance.

For example, if a friend says: “Do you want to go to the movie tonight?” The Mercury Retrograde Person’s best bet is to say: “Sounds like a great idea! Let me think about it, and I’ll call you back in 20 minutes”. Then they have the time to get in touch with themselves, see how they authentically feel about going, and then call the friend back: “Gosh- I really appreciate your inviting me, but I just have a sense that it would be better for me to ‘pass’ on the movie tonight.”

Or, if when they get in touch with themselves they realize they would like to go: “Gosh- I’d love to go to the movie with you!” .. and then they’ll have a great time, regardless of what happens externally, because they have decided according to their own inner prompting.

However, if they go without having first taken the time to get in touch with themselves inwardly, they won’t have a nice time even if it’s something they would have normally enjoyed doing.

These folks are not allowed to cheat themselves in this lifetime, or make decisions without taking themselves and their true authentic promptings into account. So it’s important for Mercury Retrograde People to not rush decisions, but to deliberately give themselves extra time to see how they authentically feel about the choice all the way through their being- in their emotional body, as well as their initial mental impulse.

They are learning to reconnect with the authenticity of their own unique ideas and preferences and decision making tendencies. Because of the necessity of including their emotional component when making decisions, many times these people have exceptional artistic talents.

Sometimes when I have had Mercury retrograde clients and shared the uniqueness of their process, they have responded with: “Ok- so how do I get over this?” There is nothing to get over- this is part of their individuality and the idea is to see it, and give themselves room to grow, appreciate and discover a more conscious, authentic approach to life.

© Jan Spiller

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