TK Is A Knockout :: Hard Box @ Powerhouse

Still catching up on posting my holiday photo adventures during this Mercury retrograde, I thought I’d knock this album out quickly, but this knockout, “TK”, is so juicy I just had to savor the moment and focus this entire post on just him!

A fairly friendly guy, I had seen and chatted him up a few times before at the Powerhouse bar in San Francisco, CA.

He mentioned that he was new in town, 22 years old, from North Carolina via Southern California.

These pics were taken at the Dec 21, 2012 “Hard Box” event at the Powerhouse. Dj’s Guy Ruben and Gehno Aviance stretched our earholes, and raised money for charity. The main event was a head to head speedball punching contest.

Here’s Gehno Aviance calling the winner, our new friend TK!

Doesn’t he look happy? He won a pair of boxing gloves.

Besides the contest, there were door prizes, drink specials, go-go sluts, and loose men giving low blows, stick moves, and sucker punches out back. Check the Powerhouse website for the latest epic events.

And for more pics of the other contenders, Guy Ruben, Gehno Aviance, and dozens and dozens of sexy, flirty guys, click on this link or any of the above pics:

Hard Box @ Powerhouse 2-21-13 photo gallery (94 images).

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