Hunks of Chaos!

Red hot dj Tristan Jaxx offers hunks and hunks of hunks at his monthly circuit dance party at Beatbox, in San Francisco.

Tonight (3-2-13), Singaporean international superstar dj Big Kidd will be guesting.

Here’s Tristan with his partner, adult entertainment legend Cavin Knight, who is also resident go-go at Chaos.

This juicy hunk, Gabriel, borrowed my cowgirl hat. Doesn’t he look good in it?

I’m sure he looks good wearing anything. Nothing.

Gabriel was a big hit at the June 2012 Chaos.

I see this cute lil cupcake at all the hot parties, and he’s always kind enough to let me take his picture. One of these times I will write his name down. If you are or know him, perhaps you could inform us in the comments section below?


Tris brings new, hot, and famous dj’s in to guest, and one of the first was dj Misha Skye.

Misha gets the crowds marching to the beat with his percussion heavy house, tribal, trance,   deep and dark house music sets. He just spent most of 2012 on tour with Madonna, playing  opening sets at her concerts.

He delighted fans as go-go dancer at the December 2011 Chaos.

Most of the guys at Chaos go shirtless, and have sexy, muscly bodies.

Spicy, tender, spare-rib Matt Morse.

As the night wears on, these sexy muscly guys get pretty touchy and feely.

And that’s why I’m so excited to be shooting on assignment for at tonight’s Chaos. Big Kid will be guest dj, and adult entertainment stars TJ Hawke and Cavin Knight will be go go dancing! Stay tuned pics will be posted soon, and the scandalous out takes in two weeks.

Meanwhile, hunker down here, I have a hunk of photos of some of the finest hunks from previous Chaos parties I’ve had the pleasure of photographing:

“Chaos Hunks” photo gallery (over 100 pictures).

Check the web sites of Dj Tristan Jaxx, Chaos, and Beatbox for the latest info.

And here’s just one more final gratuituous hunk pic, this is T.J. Hawke, who will be gracing the stage and our loins tonight at Chaos!


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