Bebe Sweetbriar Channeling Shirley Bassey :: Cookie Dough’s British Invasion

Did you see Shirley Bassey’s amazing reprise of Goldfinger at the Oscars? That woman’s voice is a force of nature, and Bebe Sweetbriar unleashed it at Cookie Dough’s British Invasion last January, at Edge Bar SF.

Lip syncing each word perfectly, and serving hands, eyes, and lips as believably as Shirley herself, Bebe delivered an Oscar worthy performance.

Here’s a clip of Shirley at the 2013 Oscars. At age 76, she could easily pass for 50. She belts out the classic James Bond theme song, earning a big standing ovation at the end.

Just to give a better idea of how Bebe worked the song, here’s another video of Shirley from 1974 (Bebe resembles the much younger version!):

Work those hands!

…”a spider’s touch…”


For more battle scenes from Cookie Dough’s British Invasion (an all brit pop and culture themed drag revue) including Cookie, Roxy Cotton Candy, Krystal Methatic, Euphoria, Sugah  Betes, Dj MC2, the friendly bar crew, and the rowdy bar patrons, and even a bonus sneak peak at the slutty go-go’s around the corner at 440 Castro, please click here:

Cookie Dough’s British Invasion @ Edge Bar 1-10-13 (gallery of 190 images).

And keep up to date on the latest skirmishes, including Cookie Dough’s weekly drag revue on the Edge Bar’s website and Facebook.

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