Photojimsf Gets Into A Snit With Mitz Pantic

This unfortunate exchange occurred during the infancy of this website, when I was struggling with design issues. This article ranked high in google search, and the title grabbed my attention. It turned out to be a fluff piece and misleading at that. I probably should have moved on, but instead replied with a piece of my mind. Click on the link to see her article and decide for yourself.

Don’t Hire A Website Designer, You Don’t Need One

If you have some advice or can suggest some improvements on my site and it’s design, especially if it comes with easy to understand instructions, tips, or shortcuts, please do leave a comment, link, or a private message? It would be greatly appreciated.

For an entertaining snit (who doesn’t enjoy a good snit every once and a while?), read on:

Jim James says:


I’m sick of seeing comment after comment about how easy, quick, one click of a button away from perfection easy that wordpress is.

I beg to differ, and so do the 80% of people who give up within two to three months of trying WordPress out for the first time.

I’ve been struggling for weeks on how to get my site to look right. My child theme won’t show. Too much space around facebook like box, wrong colors in comment text area, widgets not displaying correctly, etc. etc. etc.

It takes a rocket scientist to understand the wordpress codex, and the techies get real impatient and snooty with us newbie dummies in the help forums.

Am I missing something? Why do so many people find wordpress “easy”?



Mitz Pantic says:

February 23, 2013 at 3:43 am

Well maybe you are missing something…

For one thing a newbie show NEVER be working with a child theme or trying to edit the code. I really do not know who recommended this for you but that is the first mistake. This just causes stress!

Starting with a minimalist WordPress theme is the best advice.

You should find a theme you like and use that. You can mess with your child themes later..

I am also not too sure how easy you want building a website or blog to be. Years ago it was impossible for ordinary people to make a website, now they can within minutes. I see that as easy for sure.

If you paid for this theme and you want to keep it then get some support from the developers. They should be happy to help.

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Jim James says:

March 4, 2013 at 8:21 am

Thanks for your reply Mitz,

I was hoping you would clue me in, but I’m still baffled at the idea that wordpress is “easy”.

What I think you are saying, is, it’s easy as long as you don’t need any changes in the design or style? Are you suggesting that we just put that out of our minds and settle for a mediocre site that looks like everybody else’s?

Btw,in the wordpress codex, it states that creating and installing a child theme is “simple”, “basic”, and a crucial step before making any design or style changes. Yet I still have not managed to get mine working, or even to show at all.

Throughout the codex and the help forums, they insist that to use wordpress, you must have at least a basic understanding of html and css coding. That does not sound “easy” to me.

I found a theme I like, “Pinboard”. I went through and customized as much as I could through the dashboard, and I’m fairly happy with how it looks. That part was fairly easy, but it took a LOT LONGER than 5 minutes. I spent two weeks on it.

There’s just a few things I need to change that aren’t possible through the dashboard, and will require some coding. For instance, there’s extra space around my facebook like box on my “about” page. I can’t figure out how to get rid of it. And I’d like to change the color of the text field from white to almost black in the comments, with light colored text, so that it matches the text and style of the actual post it belongs to. These tasks should be easy! Perhaps any 12 year old could do it, but I’m just stumped.

Look, I get that you are trying to sell themes, reports, and tutorials. It just seems a bit disingenuous to tell your readers they can have a wordpress site up in 5 minutes, and that it’s “easy”. Especially after seeing that your “step by step” how to video is THIRTY SIX MINUTES LONG!

Please prove me wrong!


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March 4, 2013 at 9:54 am

mitz says:

I am deeply offended

after reading your comment but I am not going to dwell on this at all! I help people everyday for free and do not really care for your negativity.

For one thing.. there is absolutely no doubt that a WordPress website takes 5 minutes to create. After all, how hard is it to press a button? You can instantly have a website in minutes.

Videos that take longer than this obviously go into extra detail. I like to give as much information as I can for free, besides just pressing the damn button to install the site. But you are whining about a FREE WordPress content management system and a FREE video tutorial I created. Hmm… Maybe you should give up now.

The problem is your level of perfection and mine. They are obviously different. If I had this much trouble with a theme I would go and choose one that actually suits me and save myself the stress.

For you now.. I would recommend the default WordPress theme “Twenty Twelve” only. Get yourself familiar with how WordPress works, add your own header picture (very easy in that theme), and start building your site. Stay away from design issues because you will never move off the fence and probably continue to be disappointed.

Your expectations are far too high for a beginner. You need to keep it simple. If you are trying to be an instant expert and already blaming the tools for your failures, you need to re-evaluate the source of the problem (You?)…

For others reading this: Please do not click on this guys website link as it is

extremely ADULTS ONLY..

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April 29, 2013 at 12:08 am

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photojimsf says:

Ok, I’ll try to start with the positive.

I added a header picture with my logo, thanks for that advice.

Also, I added a NSFW notice to the header. I think of my work as erotic art, rather than hardcore pornography, I hope your readers are savvy enough to know the difference.

As for the 2012 theme, I tried that once, and didn’t like it. But just to be sure, on your suggestion, I tried it again, and it does not support some of the photography features that pinboard has. The look was too amateur. I’m sticking with pinboard for now.

Now let’s talk about negativity.

“I am deeply offended…”

“besides just pressing the damn button…”

“But you are whining about…”

C’mon now, who’s being negative here? And un-professional. What about this doozey:

“Maybe you should give up now”…

Really? I find that terrible advice coming from someone who claims to help people. And just because something is free does not mean that it’s above critique. WordPress is difficult, and your advice is misleading.

I’m convinced, like several other posters here and elsewhere on the internet, that you’re a prolific blogger who posts on many of the latest hot niches and trends that you know nothing about.

No wonder you’re offended that I’ve challenged your authority, and instead of showing off some real expertise and knowledge, you repeat your misleading statements, and then attack me personally and the content of my website.

With help like this, who needs enemies? — Photojimsf

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