Crafty Dough’s Birthday @ The Monster Show 6-6-13

The biggest names in SF drag came out to the Edge Bar to celebrate Cookie Dough’s drag daughter Crafty Dough’s birthday. Heklina, Honey Mahogany, Roxy Cotton Candy, Grace Towers, Bebe Sweetbriar, and Sue Casa put on a show that caused at least one bar patron to go ape.

Watch the Youtube video slideshow above, or click on any of the pictures to see a gallery of over 220 pictures from the event.

Birthday gal Crafty Dough channeling the Catwoman.

Oh, and the two hot go go dancers in the orange speedos are Chad Dawson and Braden Pells.

L.A. drodgy sensation Grace Towers.

Theater, film, and stage performer Heklina.

Once a drama queen always a drama queen. Heklina takes another stab at acting as Roxy Cotten Candy joins the schtick.

The creator and founder of SF’s longest running drag show “Trannyshack”, is known for getting carried away with her roles.

Rupaul’s Drag Race Season 5 contestant Honey Mahogany blew us away with a Beyonce number.

Krewe De Kinque Queen IX AND 2013 SF Pride Grand Marshall AND columnist Bebe Sweetbriar!

Look! There’s Turk Mason, always nice enough to give a pose or two (or twenty) for my camera.

Grace Towers is a severely androgynous bundle of energy who sets the stage on fire with her explosive performances.

The Huggable Red Lion Court of the Grand Ducal Council of San Francisco Crowned Prince, Erick Lopez (right), with friends.

Fellow photographer and scenester Uel Renteria.

For more kick ass eye candy, click on any of the photos to see my gallery of 227 pictures from the event.

The Monster Show is hosted every Thursday by Cookie Dough at the Edge Bar in SF CA. She’s joined by a cast of monstrous talent and puts on a full evening of awe inspiring, raucous, bawdy, cutting edge drag.  Dj MC2 spins the tunes, accompanied by hot porn-a-go-gos.

These pictures are out takes, please check out the original assignment in the nightlife section of

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