Flagging In The Park 6-9-13 Outtakes

Out takes from THE event I look forward to shooting the most: “Flagging In The Park”. A semi-monthly summertime pic nic and aerobics workout for fan dancers, flaggers, hoopers, poi spinners, and any and all forms of “flow” artistry. Click on any of the pictures to see my gallery of over 341 flagtastic photos from the June 9th, 2013 fun raiser. More info and links below…

The event is held in the National Aids Memorial Grove in Golden Gate Park, a spectacular meadow spread across the bottom of a small canyon, surrounded by redwoods and protected from the winds and the fog.

I like to think of it as a rave, except a slightly older, gayer crowd. Most of the attendees are veterans of the 80’s and 90’s club scene, when fanning and flagging played a prominent role.

The music was fantastic, this being my favorite track from an entire afternoon of delightful dance and house music from dj Steve Sherwood.

Dj Steve Sherwood (r) with his partner Paul Connolly.

Sister Mary Ralph.

Ira Olney and friend.

Angelic Sunrise.

Dan (L), with his partner Troy Boyd (r).

Xavier Caylor (r) organises this event four or five times a year, raising thousands of dollars for charities.

Gloss gal Suzan Revah (r).

Click here for the next Flagging In The Park July 27, 2013.

For more up to date info on this event and the flagging scene, check out Flagger Central.

Here’s a link to my original assignment, which appears in the nightlife section of EdgeSanFrancisco.com.

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