My Top 20 JockOff Pics So Far

What Is JockOff?

Greetings visual eye candy consumers! Here’a a quick post of my top 20 outtake pictures taken at JockOff so far. What’s JockOff?  It’s a sexy, sleazy, once a month plus special occasions on Thursdays drink, dance, strip, and grope-a-thon with a sports theme.  Be sure to check it out this Thursday, Oct. 3, 2013, at the Powerhouse bar in SF CA, for their special fleet week edition.

I’ve been to two JockOffs so far, click on the story links to see the original assignments as they appeared in the nightlife section of Or click on any of the pictures below to see my full galleries of over 500 outtakes, most of them too sleazy and risque for Edge Media!

JockOFF @ Powerhouse :: August 1, 2013

A pen of party animals watered a thirsty crop of contestants at this weekly wet jockey contest. Shawn Farmer plowed the competition, reaping the $100 prize. The cattle show featured USDA prime go-gos Turk Mason, Michael Brandon and Riley Davis.

JockOff @ Powerhouse :: September 5, 2013

Turk Mason and his team of paramedic-a-go-gos resuscitated a deadly quiet club night with life affirming fun raising efforts at Colby Michaels’ benefit for SF Suicide Prevention. Trey Williams slayed the competition in the lively wet jockey contest.

Frank Fanucchi, aka Turk Mason, is the main promoter, and sometimes go go dancer and contest participant at JockOff.

Frank with dj Guy Ruben.

Colby Michaels, top center, also promotes JockOff, fund raising, and mc’s the contests.

Andrew Von Pelt, left, and Michael Brandon.

The very touchy and feely Riley Davis, left, go go dances and competes in the contests.

Photographer and dj Phillip Frost, left, joins the fun onstage.

Red is his color, you think?

There’s Beth Bicoastal getting in on the sqirt action (extreme right).

Shawn Farmer, winner of the August edition JockOff contest.

Another Powerhouse power player, dj and capoeira artist Gehno Aviance, left,  and my favorite dancing go go bear, (name?).

Three hot chocolate-a-go-gos.

Oreo cookies and cake, anyone?

Mr. Powerhouse Leather, Mr. SF Leather, and IML title holder Andy Cross joins Colby Michaels on stage.

This latin cutie pie go go dances regularly at Q-Bar in the Castro, and occasionally at Club Papi events. (name, name, name anyone?)

The hardest working bar manager in town, Scott Powerhouse! (left)

And here we are at the end of my post. Be sure to stop by the Powerhouse this Thursday for the fleet week edition of JockOff this Thursday, October 3, 2013. You can be sure the event will be fully backed by the best in sleazy south of Market style entertainment.

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