Latin Explosion Teasers!!!

Good morning manwatchers, here’s a quick post with 20 of my best out takes from Latin Explosion’s 21 year anniversary $1000 balloon drop extravaganza. Don’t miss Valentino Present’s fourth annual “Demons and Angels” Halloween Blowout, Thursday Oct 31 (2013). At Club 21 Oakland.

by photojimsf | Nightlife | Monday Aug 16, 2013
Half a dozen go go fire plugs gave incendiary performances at Valentino’s weekly Latin dance, hip-hop and pop blowout. The 21 year anniversary climaxed with a $1000 balloon drop, igniting an orgasmic free for all. EDGE had a blast, here are the pics.
You can see the original assignment in the nightlife section of Click on any of the pics below to see my complete gallery of 145 outtakes.

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