February Photo Adventures

Adult entertainer Rudy Alcantara

A Big Box of Candy

Hey lovers happy belated Valentine’s Day! Here’s my belated gift, an enormous selection of Valentine eye candy from my February photo adventures in the San Francisco gay club scene. Click on any of the images and dive right in to my out takes galleries, where you can purchase digital downloads, framed or unframed prints, t-shirts, and even coffee mugs with your pictures on them! (They’re free to right click download, btw.)

I Work For Edge

Also, there’s links in the captions to the original assignments in the nightlife section on EdgeSanFrancisco.com, the leading gay news and entertainment network!

Reggaeton superstar Ivy Queen direct from Puerto Rico

Club Papi Ivy Queen Live @ 550 Barneveld :: February 1, 2014

by photojimsf | Nightlife | The Queen of Reggaeton ignited the stage with her fusion of hip hop and Caribbean music, getting a big reaction from electrified fans. The crowd also enjoyed checking out the hottest male bombshell go-go dancers in SF. Here’s the pics on EdgeSanFrancisco.com.


Adult entertainer Dorian dances at Club Papi and The Nob Hill Cinema.

Rudy Alcantara

Manimal Fridays @ Beaux :: February 7, 2014

by Photojimsf | Nightlife | A sizeable expedition turned out at the newest hunting grounds in the Castro, pawing, hoofing, and snouting through a wild evening of ferocious EDM, and the finest of the big game go go’s. Here’s the trophy pics EDGE bagged just for you!



Go go dancer Chad Stewart now bar backs at Beaux (left)


Drag Mondays @ The Cafe :: February 10, 2014

by photojimsf | Nightlife | A flock of devotees migrated back to The Cafe for JC Events’ weekly drag menagerie. A barely feathered Kenya Michaels ruled the roost with a titillating performance. Two birds were killed with one stone with the two for one drink specials. See the pics on EdgeSanFrancisco.com.


Kenya Michaels from RPDR.

The incredible Dulce De Leche has performed in every club in town, often singing with her own voice!

Oasis @ Mezzanine :: February 15, 2014

by photojimsf | Nightlife | Thirsty nightlife nomads partook in a sumptuous Middle Eastern party platter featuring costumed go go’s, circuit DJ icons Misha Skye and Micky Friedmann, and headliner Maya Simontov direct from Israel. See the forbidden fruit EDGE picked just for you!


Israeli disco diva Maya Simontov

International dj superstar Misha Skye (right)

Pan Dulce @ The Cafe :: February 20, 2014

by photojimsf | Nightlife | Every Thursday night for eight years and still running, this popular and rowdy club features the sweetest go gos, and the best in Latin, hip hop, and dance musica. This week was their CD release party for Cher’s new hit “Take It Like A Man”. Here’s the pics on EDGE.


The sweetest go go boys are at Pan Dulce, the club named after those Mexican buns drizzled with sweet milky frosting.

Chaos @ Beatbox :: February 22, 2014

by photojimsf | Nightlife | Resident DJ and promoter Tristan Jaxx opened, and top ten billboard remixer Guy Scheiman headlined, creating quite the commotion at this monthly maelstrom of shirtless muscle. Making mayhem on stage were go-gos Ryan Walters and Billy Hughes. Catch the Chaos on EdgeSanFrancisco.com.


Personal trainer Billy Hughes

San Jose cyclist and go go boy Ryan Douglas Walters

Billy Hughes

Steam @ Powerhouse :: February 28, 2014

by photojimsf | Nightlife | Think of it as a very, unofficial Oscar pre-party, with Mr. Trevor Sigler spinning the tunes, sexy go-go’s, deep tissue massages and $100 wet towel contest! EDGE has the photos


Jonathan Lay takes a Power Shower

Dj producers David Sternesky and Matt Dos Santos, aka “Two Dudes In Love”

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