OMG Bound In Public


I could not believe my virgin eyes…

i-MNz3Ldh-X2 bartender

…but there I was, right in the middle of a gang bang in a bar full of horny men.

i-WdWXH2f-X2 Sebastian Keys

The notorious Sebastian Keys was directing a three-ring circus act of filth, humiliation, and sex slavery, for’s “Bound In Public” series of adult entertainment.

i-7H4XPPm-X2 even she gets her dick sucked

All consensual, of course.

i-wFkhXKj-X2 I want to see

This leather boy cutie petutie was on hand servicing the open bar and keeping everyone well lubricated.

i-dJgRV5c-X2 sat rite next 2 me

I was calmly swilling down a bottle of Fat Tire when this stud hunk, XXX adult star Brock Avery, sat next to me and starts, well, you get the idea. A camera man appeared from nowhere and that’s when I knew the action was about to get rolling.

i-6tGd4gx-X2 smack it around

The amazing Dakota Wolfe took an unholy amount of abuse, almost as if it were Jesus himself suffering for all the sins of our Sodom and Gomorrah by the Bay.

i-Zr4ngmj-X2 brutal whipping

He was stepped on, spat upon, and not just in the face, but in the hole at the other end also. Director Sebastian Keys whipped him mercilessly, in sets of 20 lashes, with the crowd cheering and counting along in unison. By the way, his safe word was “mercy”, which I never heard him utter.

i-5dkbdqd-X2 the demon himself

I couldn’t tell who was enjoying themselves more, Dakota, or the demonic Sebastian Keys. Seb was incredibly masterful, meting out his punishments, directing a camera crew of four, several big name porn stars (I’ll get the names for you stay tuned for the updates), and ring-leading a crowd of about 100 loud, drunk, horny perverts.

i-nWvJqxp-X2 cock unblocked

I noticed a strange, metal hook stuck up Dakota’s ass, secured like a bridle and used to yank him about.

i-pVzg6cr-X2 ouch

Oh, and he had a dog collar and leash, and a cow bell tied around his neck.

i-jfKfgm7-X2 spanking machine

After a few warm-up rounds of whippings, a “spanking machine” line was formed. Dakota was forced to crawl through their wide spread legs and endure vicious spankings from all.

i-mTvX5dL-X2 spanking machine

i-KHh3VKg-X2 leg clamp

He was force-fed cock after cock…

i-zBH8cL2-X2 the look of love

…after cock…

i-nrzcm6G-X2 a bird in the mouth is worth two in the hand

…after cock…

i-Xp8NnGv-X2 hot fuck b

…and then gang raped.

i-WCCxq6n-X2 hot fucker

All while being jeered and insulted by a shameless, drunken, horny mob.

i-SKBPpVX-X2 yes you

i-Fb73Zbc-X2 onlookers

Apalled And Disgusted

I was so appalled and disgusted, there had to be SOMETHING I could do. I raced up to the action, and whipped out my — Samsung Galaxy S4! The least I could do was to document this horrible passion play. And because I knew YOU would want to see it too, if not with your very own eyes, at least with mine.

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