Toy Dolls For Sale At Makha Bucha Festival. #thailife #jomtienpattaya Strangely enough, this image inspired a profoundly sad dream I had about our California Senator Dianne Feinstein. It takes the form of a documentary about Diane’s relationship with gun violence and gun control legislation. Many may not know that her rise to the national spotlight came from her succession to the San Francisco mayor’s office due to the assassination of then mayor George Moscone and the first openly gay elected official Supervisor Harvey Milk. I play the part of a sexy pornstar go-go boy butler at one of her fundraisers for her next mayoral reelection campaign LOL. I am wearing a cowboy hat, cowboy boots, and not much else; a tiny Speedo swimsuit. The entire ensemble is in matching blue and yellow Golden State Warriors basketball team colors! I won’t go into all of the Epic emotional details. But I must add, doesn’t at least one of those dolls look like Didi Wilsey, or Charlotte Maillard?

from Instagram:

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