Hot coffee with a shot of Bailey’s. Perfect for a cold…

Hot coffee with a shot of Bailey’s. Perfect for a cold damp day in downtown San Francisco. Iron Horse Coffee, hidden on Maiden Lane, turns into a bar at 4:30 pm. There’s a cute, flirty young man behind the counter.

Two women sitting close by talking non stop. Networking and mentoring in the high pressure advertising industry. Oh my god, dishy office politics, sprinkled with lots of tech jargon and new-age workplace speak.

After they depart, a few moments of quiet relief. But then the cutie-pie flirty barrister blasted the silence with some loud, edgy, IDM.

“Intelligent Dance Music”, for your information, is supposedly all kinds of electronic club dance music remixed with ambient and intended for home listening. I Googled it.

“Army Of Fear” by Lorn, is what I was serenaded by. It grows on you after a bit, it’s got a nice beat, I’m adding it to my YouTube playlist. I pride myself on keeping up with the kids these days and all their new musical trends.

from Tumblr

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