An ounce of beauty is worth a pound of pain. The slimmest I’ve…

An ounce of beauty is worth a pound of pain.

The slimmest I’ve been in decades. 74.2 kilos is just under 164 pounds.

I lost most of it on my recent 2018 Depression Relief tour of Thailand. It’s so stinking hot I don’t eat much. Portions are generally smaller anyways.

I don’t drink as much alcohol either! Anything more than a light buzz causes headaches from the high humidity heat.

Soda nam kang krup. That means soda water with ice please. My default drink, and tons and tons of it. With a squeeze of lime.

There were other sacrifices…

Those sinful banana pancakes. Actually more like a crepe with a banana and egg filling. Topped with chocolate vanilla and raspberry sauces as well as a healthy dollop of carnation condensed sweet milk. I allowed myself one at the beginning and one at the end of my 2 month stay.

Kaffe boran. Very similar to the famous Vietnamese iced coffee. The beans are roasted with a small amount of fat, ground coarsely, and then steeped in a coffee sock by the cup. It’s then poured over a pile of ice in a big plastic cup and then smothered with sweetened condensed Carnation milk. Very sweet, very strong, and very cheap. I allowed myself one a week as opposed to one everyday.

Fruit smoothies. Made to order with your choice of fresh chopped fruits. The naughty thing though, they add palm sugar, and Carnation sweetened milk. Calorie city. So I saved the mango smoothies for the occasional dessert, and went for the fresh cut mangoes, watermelon, pineapple, papaya, dragon fruit, etc., for everyday breakfast and snacking.

So it’s three weeks now that I’ve been back from Thailand. My weight is holding steady at 167. Let’s see how long I can keep it down.

I’m cutting out the bagels and the chocolate croissants with my daily coffee. Instead opting for the fresh fruit or yogurt or trail mix.

The next tricky challenge is what to do about my LTR. He loves chocolate anything, especially ice cream and cookies. And I love spoiling him. He’s one of those lucky ones who can eat 10 lb of fat and not gain a single ounce. It’s just not fair. So I’m going to practice watching him devour ice cream sundaes and banana splits and seeing how long I can go without diving in myself. LOL. Wish me luck?

An ounce of beauty is worth a pound of pain.

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