“Canceling Plans Is Like Doing Heroine” — Do Nothing Comedy

I love doing nothing so much, I googled “doing nothing”, and this video came up high in the results.


Peets on Amazon

Today’s coffee had a flavor shot of coconut, and a splat or two of chocolate sauce, heavy half and half. No extra sweetener needed.

The shaved head belongs to a shy hot daddy. I love cruising at Peet’s!

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Your Face In A Latte

wp-15538305299892971810135370459744.png What he lacked in design precision, my barrister made up for with hilarious jokes. He said he’d buy me a latte with my face on it in Japan. There was an adorable cutie pie lurking in the background too. At Church St. Cafe, San Francisco.

I never expected to be around this long. Pure luck. I’m…

I never expected to be around this long. Pure luck. I’m proud to be a contributing photographer on this intense, difinitive documentary of the “AIDS years”.
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Brother, can you spare some compassion?

Long time San Francisco vocalist Benn Bacot, the “bass of the bay”, tickles your eardrums with his deep velvety renditions of jazz standards.

But right now he needs your help. He’s fighting the battle of his life against cancer. Here’s your chance to be compassionate, and generous, by donating to his “Long And Winding Road” fundraiser on GoFundMe.

Extra special thanks from a long time fan.

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