Thailand Calling — Bars Reopening

Thailand seems to have kicked coronavirus in the ass, and is now slowly reopening. But not to Americans. Yet. Ever?

Here’s a few posts from our Jomtien Beach community correspondent, Paul Raynor, and Wang Innok, who works at my favorite, ummm, beergarden!, the @Home Bar.

(Above: Manager Chun and two shirtless gentlemen play snooker at the reopened @ Home Bar. Photo credit: Paul Raynor/QM Photography)

Translation: The shop is ready to open….. Please come to drink….

Translation: After the rain stopped……. I thought I wouldn’t have a customer.. foreigner…. but a lot.. Thank you.

Sexy Songkran

For some, the Thai New Year holiday named Songkran is an excuse to strip down and show off all that hard work at the gym.

Gay Travel Thailand B-Boy Show Jomtien Pattaya @Home Bar Dec…

Gay Travel Thailand B-Boy Show Jomtien Pattaya @Home Bar Dec 2018

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