Gay Marriage Equality Rights March in San Francisco!

Gay History Marches Right Up To My Front Door, (then keeps on going…)

Oh sometimes I’m so lucky living right on Market Street near the Castro.  Anytime something historic happens, a march goes right by my front door. And then it keeps on going.

I’ll probably never get married. Never say never, but if I do he’ll have to be a tramp like me. Still I’d like to see gay marriage made legal, it’s a matter of principle.

Here’s the first video shot on my brand new Ghetto PCS LG Motion smartphone! Hang in there it gets more interesting after the first minute or so when I dash down to join the march for a bit.

Here’s the blurb I posted on YouTube:

Published On March 25, 2013

From — I had just stepped onto the balcony of the Luxury Viking Hotel, for a breath of, fresh air. Once again, history came marching right up to my front door, passed by and kept on going. The Supreme Court of the United States is hearing arguments tomorrow (3-26-13), but tonight thousands of giddy hopefuls staged a massive rally and march in support of marriage equality. I felt an upbeat exuberance not seen since the infamous “Winter of Love”, when Mayor Gavin Newsome issued over 4,000 marriage licenses to gay couples in 2008. A series of court battles and the hateful voter initiative prop 8 ensued. Most pundits expect equality to win.