Happy Pride From Photojimsf

Happy Pride. This vintage moment is from the Gay Freedom Day parade of 1986. I guess back then freedom was more important than pride.

Pictured is Joe Smith, wearing a MEN’S room sign headress and not much else.

Joe died a few years later from HIV, one of dozens more pictured during happier times in my upcoming photo exhibit “Black And White Nostalgia”.

It’s at STRUT SF, July 2019. Opening reception is Friday July 12.

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Should I Or Shouldn’t I?

Archangel Of The West Village, Wigstock NYC 1994.

I was so lucky to get a full length shot of this celestial creature, Wigstock was so crowded that year, 1994. It took more than 20 clicks before I got one that wasn’t obscured by 200,000 queens in wigs.

Should it be included in my up-coming show “Black And White Nostalgia” at STRUT SF in July? It’s a photographic romp through gay San Francisco from the late 70’s to the late 90’s. Yet this image is from New York City.

Hasn’t every gay man in SF been to our bigger, used to be more expensive sister city at least — a hundred times? I’m leaning towards pairing this vintage moment with dozens more local classic must-sees from the same era.

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“Black And White Nostalgia”

Solo Exhibit by Jim James aka Photojimsf


470 Castro St.

July 2 through July 27

Light, fluffy, and crunchy. Castro Tarts bakery cafe has the…

Light, fluffy, and crunchy. Castro Tarts bakery cafe has the perfect bread for Vietnamese banh me sandwiches. They bake it right there in house every morning. Here we have their lemongrass pork loin with sauteed onion sandwich.

Most of the shops in San Francisco use a bread that is way too thick and heavy for such a Heavenly treat. Some kind of sourdough tommyrot! The secret to light crunchy and fluffy is rice flour added to the recipe.
from Tumblr http://cupofjim.com/post/176246625049

Guess what guess where? Hint: #mural

from Instagram: http://ift.tt/2aEQknW

Guess what guess where? Hint: #mural

from Instagram: http://ift.tt/2b6JVHV