Vintage Gay SF

“‘Black And White Nostalgia — Vintage Gay S.F.” is the working title for my upcoming photo exhibit; July 2019 at STRUT SF. Reception on Friday, July 12 from 8pm to 10pm.

Here’s a few teaser images, out of dozens under consideration for this show.

Castro Street Fair, 1990 ish. He was intimidating at first, but was happy to pose. I gave him my card, but never heard from him. A collector mentioned he may have made a few adult films. Anyone know who he is, leave a comment below?

The first ever “Up Your Alley” festival, on Ringold Alley, July 1985. These crazy queens were selling kisses and beer.

Consuela Del Rio, drag mother at the Black Rose, 1984. The Black Rose was a rough and tumble drag bar in the gritty Tenderloin. I felt safe because she took me under her wing, and nobody messed with Consuela.

I came across this historical gem, taken back in 1984. It’s Eric Pendigar, leather master and craftsman, alternative music dj, and a breathtaking example of manliness. This was at the first ever Folsom Street Fair.

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Go Go Chris Atilano Galvan

2014-05-11 Jock @ The Lookout Chris Atilano Galvan 098-MOTION

Whoa! Way to go Google+ Auto-Awesome.

Just upload your photos to Google Plus, select the “Auto-Awesome” option and let it rip. It selects groups of pics that fit well together and smashes them into a delightful animated motion GIF.

This is only the second time I saw Chris, he was go go dancing at the Lookout bar in SF CA, for their weekly Sunday “Jock” party fun raiser for gay sports organisations. This here pic below is the first time, at the 2012 “Up Your Alley” Dore St. festival. The cute little guy is JC Moundrix, of Miami, Fla.

2012 Dore Chris Atilano Galvan JC Moundrix IMG_8117-MOTION