But, You’re Not Gay, Are You? SF Pride 2012

Youre not gay are you pride 2012 26431711_324945921325726_5713852386963881984_n

This gorgeous man was walking arm-in-arm with an attractive lady friend at gay pride 2012.

There were several other women with them, so I asked the entire group if they would pose for a snapshot.

The women were delighted, and quite rambunctious if not inebriated.

After about a dozen shots, I summoned the nerve to ask “the handsome man” for a few more shots by himself.

Only briefly hesitant, he stepped right up to the challenge, his rowdy posse cheering him on.

He put his hat and sunglasses on, but I guess that wasn’t what I was focusing on.

This image is heavily altered. I had almost as much fun manipulating it as when I originally took the photo.

You can see the original unaltered version, and hundreds more like him in my virtual gallery:
Photojimsf’s Pride 2012 SF gallery


The 2012 SF gay pride gallery and gift shop will be on view until the end of July 2018.

Here’s a few teaser pics:

Photojimsf’s Pride 2012 SF gallery

The 2012 SF gay pride gallery and gift shop will be on view until the end of July 2018.


The Legendary Niko Reeves!


Go Go Chris Atilano Galvan

2014-05-11 Jock @ The Lookout Chris Atilano Galvan 098-MOTION

Whoa! Way to go Google+ Auto-Awesome.

Just upload your photos to Google Plus, select the “Auto-Awesome” option and let it rip. It selects groups of pics that fit well together and smashes them into a delightful animated motion GIF.

This is only the second time I saw Chris, he was go go dancing at the Lookout bar in SF CA, for their weekly Sunday “Jock” party fun raiser for gay sports organisations. This here pic below is the first time, at the 2012 “Up Your Alley” Dore St. festival. The cute little guy is JC Moundrix, of Miami, Fla.

2012 Dore Chris Atilano Galvan JC Moundrix IMG_8117-MOTION

Pan Dulce’s LA Stripper Invasion @ The Cafe :: June 13, 2013

Say hola to Marlon, a member of LA Stripper Invasion. Read/scroll on for more, much, much more of Marlon and his banditos. Oh, btw there’s a few surprises for you at the end…

by photojimsf | Nightlife | Edge Media

Pan Dulce celebrated their nine year anniversary by bringing a basket-full of sweet treats from LA, the famous Caramelo strippers. Gloria Trevi concert tickets were given away, as were appetizers, courtesy of Zapata Taqueria. You can see my original assignment in the nightlife section of EdgeSanFrancisco.com.

Here’s a dozen or so of the juiciest, dripping wet teasers from my gallery of 211 too racy for Edge Media outtakes. Click right on the crotches in any of these pictures to enter.

Pan Dulce is held on Thursdays at The Cafe in SF, CA. Produced by Jamie Awad’s Club Papi Productions.

Now that’s what I call a choke-eat-a-banana.

As pomised. MORE of Marlon and his member.

Can’t say for sure, but I thought I was getting a str8 vibe.

Yet he seemed to be having such a great time, teasing and waving that baseball bat right in our gay faces.

He was extra willing and kind when asked to pose for pictures.

Just a reminder as we near the end of our post (there’s still two surprises coming), to click on any of these photos to see my outtakes gallery, just bulging, aching, and straining with 211 more images from the event.

Choreographer Luis Paul Canales sidelines as a cocktail server. He also dances go go at The Cafe and other venues in the bay area. Be sure to see his production “The Dark Tunnel Series” at Dance Mission Theater Sept 13, 14, and 15, 2013.

And now for the first surprise. I’ve curated a slide show of the raciest underwear ads on Amazon.com (Yes I’m an affiliate now). I was shocked, pleasantly of course, just to see how much skin and bulge can be shown, and if you click through, it takes you to the product page where you can zoom in and enlarge and inspect the goods as close up as being teabagged! These items make great gifts, for yourself and for your partner. Or your private dancer.


Amazon.com WidgetsWelcome back from browsing/shopping Amazon, hope you had fun. Now I have a treat for you. For our final surprise, a youtube video of Marlon in action on stage at this event. Ektor the Gaga Monster filmed it on their smart phone and was kind enough to post it on Youtube for the world and us to see.

Powerhouse Underwear Party and Contest

Update Update!

The outrageous Grace Towers has assumed the master of ceremonies duty at the Powerhouse SF’s weekly underwear expose, with a midnight $100 wet jockey short contest. It’s now called “Bulge”. I’ve been a number of times, it’s more fun than ten barrels of monkeys. Here’s the link for more info.

Grace Towers, a vision in blue, seen here in action cavorting with adult entertainer go go Eric Osborn

Here’s 2015 Bare Chest Calendar man LaGuan Lea Jr. He won the contest at the Jan 23, 2014 “Bulge” event. Here’s a hot hot hot link to his calendar cover pic.

It’s a dirty job, but somebody’s got to do it. May as well be Grace Towers, one of the busiest show girls in town.

#tbt Wet Jockey Contest

(Original posting from August, 2012)

What could be more fun than a bunch of gay men in underwear with squirt bottles at a wet jockey contest? Find out every Thursday night at the Powerhouse, a sleazy leather dive in San Francisco’s South of Market district.

Btw, digital downloads, prints, and more photo souvenirs and gifts of this event and many others available in the Event Galleries at Photojimsf’s Gift Shop.

Here’s my titillating YouTube experiment, a twenty five or so image slide show from the event, set to a snappy soundtrack from the YouTube audio exchange.

The contest ended in a tie between this big muscly hunk of Black man, R.C. Jenkins, and leatherman Chris Humphries, being man handled in the left background.

Here’s Beth Bicoastal! She’s inspecting the goods of go-go dancer and S&M pin cushion Phoenix Sun.

The heat is turned up to encourage cutie pies like this one to check in their clothes.

leather man Spike Pierce manned the coat check. I heard he passed away a few years ago, not long after this event.

La Monistat is a regular at the Powerhouse, and performs there occasionally.

Well we’ve reached the tail end of my post. These pictures are from the Powerhouse Underwear Party of 8-9-12. Click on any of them to see more of the squirting, flirting, boozing, cruising, and bamboozlings from the evening in my Event Gallery.

Check the Powerhouse SF website for the latest updates on Contests and Events.

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Bonus Pic

What blog post would be complete without a gratuitous pic of adora-go go Mohammad Vahidy? Here he is at Bulge in Jan 2014.

More Mohammad here and here.



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