Andy Cross Nails Mr. Powerhouse 2013 Title

6-29-12 BDSM 101 043 Walter, Hans, and wm adj


Saturday, Feb. 9:: by photojimsf :: I could not believe how jam packed the Powerhouse was at their double header back to back contests: Mr. Powerhouse 2013, and the Hookies!

It’s always a pleasure to cross paths with Andy Cross, the winner, and on this night he was extra sexy in his black leather jockstrap, boots, and not much else. Lance Holman was master of ceremony, with Darren Bondy, Ron Balos, Troy Anicete and Mr. Powerhouse 2012 Brent Gannetta judging.

After a short break, none other than Sister Roma took the mic with award winning porn star Derrick Hanson. The and’s Hookie award finals were on. It came down to a close contest between two of the contenders, Christopher Daniels emerged the winner, and caught the Hookie for regional best escort.

Pics will be up on any minute now, and the out takes will be posted here at in a week or two, stay tuned.

Pictured above is Mr. Powerhouse 2013, Andy Cross in the center. On the right is runner up Hanz Bustamante. On the left is Walter Gomez. The pic was taken at another Powerhouse event: BDSM 101.

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