Bearracuda Last Rickshaw Stop 1-26-13

1-26-13 Bearracuda t4i 004

My most enjoyable assignments are the Bearracuda Parties, and January’s Bearracuda at Rick Shaw Stop in Hayes Valley was exceptionally fun with the dynamic dj duo Robert Jeffrey and Stanley Frank on the sounds.
1-26-13 Bearracuda t4i 051

The two maestros played an energetic set full of rare, new, and slightly more funky and soulful than most house music clubs I’ve attended. They clown around on stage, and occasionally stop the music for a beat or two, and shout funny little exclamations like “Dance Godammit!”, and “Ain’t that rite?!”.

1-26-13 Bearracuda t4i 116 1-26-13 Bearracuda t4i 100 1-26-13 Bearracuda t4i 526The music was so good almost every person in the club was on the dance floor.

1-26-13 Bearracuda t4i 346

There were so many dancing bears, for a moment I thought I was at a Russian Circus convention

1-26-13 Bearracuda 009

Look! Celebrity sighting. I had no idea how hung and virile Holy McGrail is.

1-26-13 Bearracuda 025

I believe this adorable creature is a current or former leather title holder? I was not able to get his info let me know if you know?

1-26-13 Bearracuda 044

More celebrities! Dj’s Carnitas (left, from Hard French), and Mat dos Santos (right, from Rocket Collective).

1-26-13 Bearracuda 090

Photographer Daniel Carrasco, left, with a handsome little brown bear.

1-26-13 Bearracuda 067
1-26-13 Bearracuda t4i 686

Wow, Robert Jeffrey even provides lip service to the club patrons!

1-26-13 Bearracuda t4i 730The last picture in this post is of a rickshaw taxi. This was the last Bearracuda event at this venue.

They’re having an underwear party tonight at Beatbox, btw. Here’s their website for more info and up coming events:  Bearracuda SF

For a complete view of all the roaring good fun, frisk, and fuzz, lumber on over to my gallery of 259 pictures from the event: Bearracuda Last Rickshaw Stop 1-26-13.

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