Jomtien Boys Pushing And Pulling…

Man Watching

Watch as these hard working young men clean their concession area of Jomtien’s gay beach, pushing and pulling the sand with rakes and smoothing shovels.

Sweet Service

Every day at the beginning and end of the day, the sand must be swept of trash and debris. This particular section is a favorite of gay tourists: Rit Beach Orange Chairs section 15. To pull in more customers, free wifi is offered, and top notch bend over backwards and forwards service is given by these gorgeous cutie pies. The pie faced sweetie-pie in the hat is especially nice to me, always making sure I have what I need, smiling and batting his eyelashes, why, he even gives me pieces of mint candy!

Anything You Want Meesta?

A minor annoyance at Jomtien Beach are the peddlers, constantly hawking their wares and services, such as porn dvd’s, poppers, viagra, cialis, the latest un-authorised Hollywood releases often before they hit the screens in the US, chachkas, jewelry, watches, ice cream, deep fried seafood, massages, manicures, pedicures, etc.

One item I found quite amusing was a plastic pig that quacked like a duck when squeezed. I want one!

Easy Pushover

At the end of this video, you can see that I’m an easy pushover as I give in to an older woman pedicurist. I remembered her from last year, so I had no problem trusting her with all those sharp and pointy instruments being used on my delicate little tootsies. She did such a good job, on my hands too, all for about $9us. Now I must go and find some black nail polish.

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Krap khun krap,

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