Ganesh Chalisa

Soothing Lushes!

Tea time again already? Grab a bunch of pillows, fire up some incense, candles, and what ever else you like to fire up. Set this to play, sit back, relax, and enjoy! The music is soothing, and the visuals are lush.

11-4-13 040 Ganesh Chalisa pic

All Things Elephant

Ever since visiting Thailand back in 2005, I have fallen in love with elephants. All things elephants. Even though this is Hindu, the Thais have Ganesha trinkets and statues everywhere. He is the God that takes away all your worries, and brings you happiness, wealth, and pleasure. Emphasis on pleasure.


Your Wish Is Amazon’s Command

Ok, now that you’re worry free and blessed with health and wealth, why not take advantage and buy yourself something you’ve been wishing for all along? This Amazon widget is an experiment, it supposedly already knows what you want based on your shopping history, combined with what it knows about my site and this post. Scary huh? Don’t worry you can opt out of Amazon’s watchful eye in your account preferences, of if you already have, or never visited, you’ll just see boring irrelevant products.

Yes, I’m an affiliate, which means I get a small reward if you purchase anything on their site over the next 48 hours. Thanks for your support, and for dropping by. Let me know what you think of my experiment in the comments below? Love it? Hate it? What what what!

Double Namaste



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