Dog Day at Dongtan

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie Where They May

Right? Even if it’s right in front of the door at the 7-11 store. This one’s on the corner of Thap Phraya and Jomtien 5 road, at the entrance to the lovely Dongtan gay beach. Here’s a funny story about a doggone of a time I had trying to purchase breakfast there.

IMG_20131109_132840 Let sleeping dogs lay inst

No Need To Bark

This morning, before it turns panting hot, I’m at the 7-11 buying a large yogurt drink, the 22 baht size. A teenage girl with half her hair pulled up on top like a Tibetan temple dog, orders, no, barks at me, to get the small ten baht size. I shrug, and politely try to gesture I want the big one. I can’t understand what Ms. Lion is yapping about, so she hops over the counter and fetches the small one, and scans it in anyway.

Howling Funny

Whatever, I’m not getting into this dogfight at 8am. I hand her the money, and she see’s my perfectly groomed black fingernails with clear glitter overcoat. She giggles, wagging her top-knot back and forth. So I show her the toenails, and she howls with laughter! Every dog has it’s day, right?

11-8-13 Fish out of water 008

Foaming At The Mouth

Any way, I get home, look at the receipt, and notice the small one was on sale for only three baht. Son-of-a-bitch! For half the price I could have had twice as much. Since this bargain hunting spotter can’t be weaned from a good deal, I’m now foaming at the mouth to race back and fill a dog sled full.

Dog And Pony Show

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